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Why it works... The Advantages of KB Page’s Chemical Management Programs

Our Chemical Program Manager has the experience and knowledge to design and lead your Chemical Management Program. He will help achieve your goals through…

Lean Enterprise Practices: Continuation and expansion or implementation of Lean Enterprise practices to improve Chemical Management Program and Quality systems to reduce costs of finished goods caused by Customer Complaints, Machine Downtime, Waste, Reprocessing, and Scrap.

Six Sigma Methodology: Led by our Black Belt certified Chemical Program Manager, we will apply Six Sigma Methodology to identified projects when needed, driving documented process improvements and capturing cost savings.

Continual Improvement: Initiate and drive continual improvement efforts of multifunctional teams focusing on Business Unit profitability, Critical Quality Expectations, Operations and Manufacturing.

Business Training & Experience: With a formal education in General Business Management and Finance, as well as business-focused manufacturing experience developed over 20 years in a large complex, our Chemical Program Manager has the training and experience to work with your front office to help maximize sales and profit and minimize cost and inefficiencies.

Chemical Engineering: And with a formal education in Chemical Engineering and time tested utilization of acquired skills in a Manufacturing/Business environment, our Chemical Program Manager will oversee the testing, analysis and recommendation processes.

Performance Management: Management, Documentation and Reporting mechanisms within the Chemical Management areas of responsibility.

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