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Who it’s working for... Examples from Our Chemical Management Programs

While your program will be unique to your facility and industry, cost savings are at the core of every one of KB Page’s Chemical Management Programs.

Some of the ways our value-added programs help you save:

  • Increased fluid life and productivity

  • Decreased fluid consumption and change-outs

  • Increased equipment and tool life

  • Decreased downtime and tooling changes

  • Consolidation of inventory and reduction of misapplication potential

  • Decreased issues with handling, health & safety, training and documentation

  • Reduced disposal and environmental costs

  • Consolidation of inventory and reduction of misapplication potential

  • Reduced utility (energy, water) costs

KB Page recently implemented a Chemical Management Program designed for a manufacturer of precision bearings for the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Some of our results are listed below:

  • Led the development and implementation of the customer’s fluid control plan, resulting in improved fluid stability and achieving compliance with corporate directives.

  • On track for $100,000 (11%) year over year savings in chemical spending through usage optimization and reductions, and fluid recycling and reuse.

  • On-site management of coolant central systems prevented two occurrences of dump and recharging, saving an additional $30,000.

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