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Want to reduce your total cost of operation?
Have compliance goals or standards to achieve?

BOTH are obtainable goals with KB Page’s Chemical Management Programs.

Let KB Page help manage your facility’s metalworking fluids, coolants and lubricants… and much more.

Your Goals… Your Program…
We will work with you to define your goals and then achieve them through the implementation of a chemical management program designed specifically for your facility and industry. We will focus on the collection of hard data, develop a baseline of existing conditions, and understand the fundamentals that drive your company to operate profitably, including your manufacturing costs and cost of quality.

Your Success… Your Savings…
We will present facts and recommendations based on the Advantages of our Chemical Management Program. We will work with you to achieve a year-over-year total cost reduction through cost reduction projects, usage reductions , consigned inventory with replenishment, negotiated price savings, waste minimization and other productivity improvements.

Our Strengths… Your Stability…
We believe the strength of our programs is best summarized by the strengths and experiences of our On-Site Chemical Program Manager, and his ability to work within your facility. The ability to work independently and critically while building support and consensus for strategic projects and initiatives is a proven skill set for our Program Manager.

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